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Modern wall decor includes the use of simple forms in decorating a wall. The modern or contemporary design theory is itself built upon a thought that believes that "simple is beautiful".

For this reason straight lines have a major emphasis in modern wall decor.  A wall decor art using modern forms is possible using shapes that are primarily formed by simple and straight lines. there is a unique thought process that the modern or contemporary design themes follow.

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The entire basis of contemporary design theme stated that any form in this universe is itself beautiful. For this reason a wall built using bricks and then plastered upon with paint on it, is itself a beautiful piece of art. 

In modern design, less emphasis is given on the decoration on any interior design form. On the other hand the oriental design themes of wall art rely heavily on adding accessories on the built form such as flooring patterns, wall decorations, use of wall hangings with embroidery.

Apart from theses one of the great ways to use modern wall art is to use picture frames with unique creativity. For example a frameless picture, which is compressed into two glass panes is in itself is a modern thought and the new technology allows us to create such kind of picture art by compressing two glass panes with the picture in between.

Modern wall art does not necessarily mean hanging pictures or wall hangings and calling it art. As I mentioned earlier the wall itself is a beautiful architectural piece, hence various shapes of walls or openings in the wall can add great amount of excitement in the interior design of any space. A wall that acts as a divider between two spaces, can be designed creatively by creating a terraced form or even terraced openings. These openings can act as a form of decor with great effect. The picture on the left side demonstrates the use of openings as an element of modern wall decor.

As seen in this picture instead of using any accessories the wall itself can be designed as a beautiful piece of modern art with the use of openings for storing accessories.

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Modern wall decor pattern

Modern wall decorating pattern

Modern wall decor with picture frame

Wall decorating with words

Shadows used as wall decor

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